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We are human beings,
feeling safe in doing



How's your mind set today?

Are you aware?

Where is your focus?   

Can you create or are you created?

Innenschau. Bewusstsein. Verantwortung.


Einen Moment innehalten und hinspüren. Was ist da?

Was kann ich spüren? Kann ich spüren? Bin ich im tun? Soll es bleiben oder will ich es verändern?


Was ist wirklich da? Erkennen, bewusst entscheiden, bewusst handeln.


Verantwortung über Wohlbefinden, Entscheidungen, Werte und deine Richtung in deinem Leben.

We are human beings with a body, a thinking mind, a nervous system, bones, muscles a soul and much more. We are born in peace with our system but our experiences, our surroundings, our own and society's expectations and our strong focus on and power of our thinking mind makes it hard to keep it all aligned.

We start to think, do, work, avoid, cope, and resist more because that's what others do, that's what makes us feel safer than being, feeling and letting our body rule our daily life.

This is not purely bad, it can lead to stunning success and accomplishments but it can also lead to losing connection with our true selves, freezing our feelings, ignoring or forcing our bodies and missing the present moment.

I have experienced it and probably will again, but I am more aware and conscious about whats going on in my mind and body, and I will most likely catch myself early to live up to my highest version with all I have, fully and intensely.

I would love to support you wherever you are in your life, with whatever conscious goal or mission you have, eg. a successful and happy athletic career, getting rid of symptoms, or letting go built-up layers to reconnect with your true self or any other challenge you have in your life right now.

In our sessions, I will use scientifically proven methods and tools from sport psychology, psychodrama psychotherapy, embodiment-, mindfulness- and breathing practices.

I am happy to answer any upcoming questions, just give me a call, send me a text or email and I will answer as soon as I can!

Cheers, Veronika.

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