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sports psychology & mental training

mental strength





team spirit

recovery, relaxation

effective exchange, clarity

new goals


concentration problems



fear of failure

team conflicts

injury, pain

difficult communication

ending a career

For whom and why?


Basically everyone can benefit from mental strength.

For competitive athletes and amateur athletes, it is essential to formulate goals correctly, to develop cognitive strategies in order to optimize movement sequences, to perform at one's best at a certain time

and to design regeneration processes effectively.

This is often difficult on your own.

Together we will develop your optimal performance potential using scientifically based methods.


Our cooperation will help you to change:
















My sports psychological support is aimed at


  - individuals, teams,  - coaches, parents

- professionals and amateur athletes


and is carried out on the basis of individual coaching, workshops or lectures.

Possible topics



















... because nobody will leave one's athletic performance and personal success

 to chance!

I look forward to your request and to working together with you!

goal setting

goal setting strategies clarify your motivation and strengthen it in the long term


relaxation methods improve the balance between tension and serenity and optimize regeneration phases


Activation images, music and specific scents can facilitate getting into competition mode at the right time


visualizing key points and technical sequences within the race course is essential to be able to performe at one's best



With optimal self-talk before, during and after the competition you maximize your self-motivation and your willingness to give 100%



You will ask yourself the following questions"

Who am I?

Who do I want to become?

What comes after an athletic career?



In addition to medical measures, mental injury management can promote healing, self-confidence and facilitate a come-back

mental well-being


mental health or well-being of an athlete is often in the background, but is usually rsponsible for the success of a person

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