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my qualifications


  • psychology
    MSc Psychology UMIT, Tyrol
    BSc Psychology University of Utah


  • certified sports psychologist
    mental excellence , Innsbruck / Munich, ASP

  • psychotherapist in training


  • business studies
    BSc IfM, Salzburg



Veronika Mayerhofer, MSc

psychologist, sports psychologist & psychotherapist in training


I gained experience in competitive sports for many years and got to

know the world of elite sports with all its facets.

During my active time I was seeing a mental expert. I could experience the powerful impact of mental training on my performance and on my well-being.

Finally mental coaching also helped me to end my athletic career and to set new goals!

As a sports psychologist, I also like to pass on my own "lessons learned" and to support you to improve your own mental strentgh!

athletic career


  • active athlete (nordic skiing) until 2014

      Sochi Olympics, 2014

       Nordic World Ski Championships, ITA 2013


  • Student athlete in Salt Lake City, USA 2014-2017

      Ski Team University of Utah

       NCAA champion


  • Grande Course ski touring races : PDG, Mezzalama, Pierra-Menta,

       Sella Ronda, Elbrus Ski Monsters Expedition Race


  • Ultra trails, and much more.


  • Certified cross-country instructor, BSPA Linz


SKi Team university of utah, USA

olympic games, sochi 2014


Cotopaxi 5897m, South America


Skimountaineerting race


walser ultra trail, 3900hm, 63km

2018-05-03 19.29.22.jpg

Ski monsters race elbrus, 5642m Russia


Patrouille des glaciers, SUI 2018

Ski Team, university of utah, USA

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